I love this book. I've already learned half of the techniques and have been accepted as a female wherever I go. Thanks for making this such a great book!

-- Katie, Ontario

You give complete and precise details on how to crossdress. I think you are doing great!

-- Sandi, California

I'm a cross dressing male as female. I have learned a lot about making faces and hair, which has increased my self-confidence when I go out as Jane.

-- Jane, Florida

I love the guide! I have struggled to pass as a woman for years! I am a cross dressing female male! I am glad to have found you.

-- Christine, Queensland

All I ever want is to be accepted as a real woman. Your website on male to female gender transformation change is a great help to me.

-- Debra, England

I was looking for stories about forced feminization of men and I found this. This is the best book I ever read, thanks!

-- Mandy, Iowa

I am into forced feminization of a man and writing stories of feminization of males, male feminization maids, feminize boys stories. Your guide is a great help.

-- Lindsay, New York

I want to let you know how much I love your book. There is so much courage there, so much experimentation and so much work. I look at you and what you have done as almost heaven-sent. Without it I would literally have no clue where to go or what to do. Based on your book I've even decided to seek gender oriented counseling. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

-- Genevieve, Olympia


An Introduction To Herbal Feminization

Hormones can be a risky solution for transgender females. Discover how herbs can help you feminize your figure safely and naturally.

The differences between men and women all boil down to hormones. Unfortunately, however, synthetic hormones are rarely a simple solution for feminization. There are numerous risks involved and medical supervision is a must.

For many transgender females (especially those who maintain a male persona), these risks simply outweigh the benefits. Does that mean it's time to kiss your wish of becoming a woman good bye? Not at all! Herbs are one feminizing alternative that won't cost you your health.

While many are quick to dismiss herbs as a form of quackery, the fact remains that numerous herbs impact the hormonal balance of the male body. These herbs, known as phytoestrogens, mimic the effects of estrogen and are particularly effective at triggering breast growth. After all, gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) is triggered by factors ranging from medications to marijuana to old age, so it stands to reason that herbs could also have this effect.

Does that make herbs a wholesale replacement for hormones? No. However, for those seeking only partial feminization, herbs can lead to an increase in breast size, softer skin, and possible rounding of the hips and behind.

How do you get started with herbal feminization? There are over 300 plants with phytoestrogenic activity, but the herbs that have proven most effective for feminization include fenugreek, fennel, wild yam, red clover, and hops. I suggest starting with a minimal dose of two or three herbs and working your way up as needed. (Just be sure not to exceed the manufacturer's recommended dosage and speak with your doctor first if you have a medical condition or take prescription medications.)

To maximize breast enlargement, I also recommend massaging liquid herbal extracts into the breasts. Your breasts have the ability to absorb plant chemicals directly, so this helps target herbs where they are needed most. Simply combine a dropper full of extract with a tablespoon of body lotion and massage into the breasts twice daily.

What can you expect? While individual results vary, many males are able to increase their breasts by two or three inches strictly through the use of herbs and massage. Most notice changes within three weeks, though it can take several months to experience significant growth.

Patience and realistic expectations are a must, but thousands of males and transgender females have proven that hormones aren't the only answer for a more feminine figure. Herbs truly can make a difference!

By Lucille Sorella
Published: 7/24/2007



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